Darnell “DeeSoul” Carson, ’21


Email | dcar217@stanford.edu

Darnell “DeeSoul” Carson is a Black queer poet, performer, and educator from San Diego, CA, Co-Director of the award-winning Stanford Spoken Word Collective, and Editorial Assistant at the Adroit Journal. A two-time CUPSI finalist, his work has been featured or forthcoming on Write About Now Poetry and Button Poetry, and in The Adroit Journal, The Unified Anthology, The Oakland Arts Review, and elsewhere. Most recently, he has released his chapbook Running From Streetlights (2020), an examination of Blackness and being in America. He is currently pursuing a degree in Cultural/Social Psychology with a minor in Creative Writing at Stanford University, where he has also led two-quarter long poetry workshop courses.

DeeSoul’s poetry springs forth from the intersections of race, sexuality, and family, among others. In his work, he uses curation of images and the expansive nature of personal narrative to draw out the universal truths hiding in our everyday experiences. He believes not just in the power of our storms, but also in the joy standing in the middle. 

DeeSoul’s poetry draws influence from many great poets before him, including Porsha Olayiwola, Crystal Valentine, Danez Smith, Rudy Francisco, and the constant new and amazing poets he comes across.

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