Angel Marie ’21



Angel Marie is a young poet, author, and rapper from Chicago, and one of the co-directors of Spoken Word Collective. During her awkward adolescence, she participated in Speech and Debate where she fell in love with poetry and performance. Identifying as queer and androgynous, Angel’s poetry centers on topics of race, identity, sexuality, and belonging. She is the self published author of To Be Seen (available on Amazon) and a 2018 and 2019 CUPSI Finalist. Her success thus far has been dedicated to elevating the consciousness of her generation by engaging with her own suffering and healing the intergenerational wounds inflicted upon black queer women. When she’s not trying to save the world, she is most likely consuming a bag of hot fries and a box of chocolate teddy grahams. Currently, she is working on editing and producing her first screenplay, “Genesis”.

Soundcloud:  Angel Smith

Instagram: angel_smitty