Amelia Crowther, ’21


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Amelia Crowther is a sophomore from Franklin, Tennessee (just outside of Nashville). She is probably majoring Comparative Literature and minoring in Creative Writing, but a year ago she would have said she was majoring in Linguistics or Media Studies and minoring in Art Practice. This may reveal that she is Interested In Too Many Things™.


Current/recent interests: the way people have thought about instruments in electronic music, what form does for the expression of a message in videogames and graphic novels, the way people tell their own stories, and translation (especially translation of poetry). Perpetual interests: FOOD, art, media and the way people think about it, languages and cultures, personal histories, education inequality, and of course, poetry. Right now, all of her poems end up being about family, place, grief, and water, She is hoping to turn these poems into something book-shaped eventually.


Aside from her academic interests, she loves food, tea, and coffee. She keeps categorized lists of recommendations for all of the cities she visits, and her goals are to become a barista, learn to mix cocktails, and write a cookbook.