Winter Show 2020: Salt to Melt the Snow

salt to melt the snow (1)

[Image Description: Cream-colored background with red snowflakes sprinkling down. Pieces of text are redacted for poetic effect. Text is an invitation to SWC’s show on March 6th, from 7-9pm, at Black house.]
Climate Change may have given us an ~unusually~ sunny California “winter”, but that doesn’t mean this quarter hasn’t frozen our hearts a little bit.

Join Spoken Word Collective for a night of poetry that bites, that reflects, and that warms, and let’s melt away this quarter’s stress in preparation for the coming spring.

Friday, March 6th
Black Community Services Center
Open Mic: 7pm-7:30pm
Main Showcase: 7:30pm-9pm

Contact Darnell Carson at with any questions, or to sign up for the open mic!!

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